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Wednesday 1st September 2010

This Is Not The Blog You Are Looking For...

If you were expecting an update to the blog, you are looking in the wrong place. All Matt blogging activities will now be taking place here.

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Thursday 15th July 2010

Survey Fail

See Film First, they of all those free movie screenings that we used to go to when we lived in London, seem to be starting up over here in Oz, which can't be a bad thing now that Sal and I have a whopping mortgage to service and need some cheap entertainment.

I'm not quite sure how I was supposed to fill in this survey they sent me, however:

Survey Fail

Luckily my three favourite arthouse films *are* tick, tick, and tick, so that's all good, but I'm not sure what a Journalists is and whether or not I qualify...

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So I was just booking tickets to see Brett Easton Ellis speak when he's in town next month, and I was having a look around the other events that are happening as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival.

I was thinking about The Davitt Awards, but it looks like I'll have to brush up on my Latin...

Lorem Ipsum...

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Sunday 6th June 2010

Australians Know Their Football

Some more quality fact checking from The Age, today, where I spotted this in their "Complete Guide to South Africa 2010":


I must have missed the announcement that the home nations have now begun competing as a single unified team, under the Union Flag. I hope The Age's knowledgeable football writers have informed the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Football Associations that they will no longer be required.

I guess it does solve that old problem about us never being able to send a team to play football at the Olympics, though, hey...

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Saturday 5th June 2010

Has It Really Been 25 Years?

That thing that's about to kick off over in South Africa isn't the only big football event happening this Aussie winter. There's also the small matter of England's 8th best football team heading our way to play a couple of friendlies in July. Of course I already have my tickets for the Melbourne game (in the Everton end with this lot, natch) so when I saw that the Everton store were clearing out their remaining stock of last year's home shirt at the frankly ridiculous price of just eight quid, I couldn't resist putting in an order. I'm not about to start wearing it around town, but at that price even if I wear it just the once it's not bad value at all.

So I was quite excited, on returning home last night, to find a small package from the UK waiting for me. I already knew that the shirt's design was supposed to be a throwback to the 1984-85 shirt, and the names of the first 11 from that season appear in small type on the back at the top, which is a nice touch. But it was only when I tried it on that I suddenly realised that the last time I owned an Everton shirt, it was the original 1985 vintage...

Sheesh. Can that really have been 25 years ago?

Not sure if I can actually call myself a real fan if I only buy a new replica shirt once every quarter century (and I'm fairly sure that, even if I still had the old one, it wouldn't quite fit me these days), but still, I look forward to my next purchase. Hope the 2034-2035 strip is a good 'un...

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